Store FAQ

Can I trust TGS?


It’s the only answer I can give you for now and I know it’s not enough to prove that I’m trustworthy.

However, if you check the TGP site* or my Youtube channerl, you’ll see that I have been doing lots of things to expose myself on line including singing or making videos and those works are not something to scam or fool people.

I’m not a successful person at all, but I can tell you with confidence that I’m not the person who tries to cheat himself for any profit, either.

By the way, I guess if I’m a scammer, I would give you way more attractive offer than ¥1,000 service fee for service to make you send more money to me, don’t you think so?

Anyway, it’s totally up to you to trust me or not.

*Sorry, the TGP site is in Korean language.

What is the working hours at TGS?

Monday thru Friday / 9am to 5pm (UTC+9)

Can I cancel the order before you ship them?

Yes, you can, but to get full refund, you must cancel your order before the ordered items are purchased.
Here is the chart for refund rates by time span.

Time Refund rate
Before ordered items purchased.

Full refund of 1st payment

After ordered items purchased / Before shipping

1st payment – ¥1,000 (service fee)

After shipping Only the amount that TGS got refunded from actual retailer – ¥500 for extra service fee.

If the retailer refused refunding to TGS for any reason, TGS can’t refund to customer, either. TGS does not guarantees the result from retailers.

All the cost for shipping and the regular service fee(¥1,000) will not be refunded.

There are 2 prices on the price tag. Which price should I pay?

In most case, “bottom one” is the final price includes sales tax.

Do I have to registrer to make purchase?

No, you don’t.

However, it’ll be a bit more convenient to be a member. For example, you don’t have to put your personal infos during the check out again or you can use the Q&A bulletin board.

Can TGS ship items not on the TGS site but being sold in other site in Japan?

No. (Yes in the future)

TGS does have a plan to offer the freight forwarding service when the business grows up enough to have an office.

Do I have to pay the Custom TAX?

It depends on how much you buy and how much your country allow you to buy overseas without tax.

The maximum amount of purchasing overseas without paying tax are varied for each country. Please, refer to the information or guide from the custom bureau of your country. TGS will send your order as a merchandise with invoice.