the Essentials

TGS strongly recommends you to read carefully these terms before you make purchase.
Your decision of purchasing will be considered as including the agreement for these terms.

TGS is still a ‘One person’ company. 

Even thought the word “WE” is representing TGS in the polices, TGS has only one employee and does not have a plan to hire someone else until I can afford to do so.

Of course, I will try to response on your request as quick as possible in work hour, but I’d like you to understand it’s not going to be as quick as some other big companies that have customer service department, does.

TGS is not a retailer.

Third Gear Store is just a “shopping agency” and therefore TGS doesn’t take any responsibility for the products themselves. It only takes the responsibility for purchasing, packaging and shipping of them.

About ¥1,000, the service fee 

I didn’t do a serious research when I determined the service fee at ¥1,000, because the reason I started this business is not to defeat others in this industry, but to make a living myself with my labor. I just started thinking from the amount of money I need to make a living in Japan and finally have decided ¥1,000 as the service fee.

It means that basically I don’t care whether people think it’s expensive or not. If you think it’s expensive, there is no problem with me for you to go somewhere else. This is the place for the people who think ¥1,000 is reasonable for some one’s labor and I am believed in that I’m not the only one who think like that in the world.

The service fee is charged per box. In most case, the standard box is big enough to hold items in one box, I think. Its size is 34cm x 24cm x 18cm (W x D x H).

However, if a customer make an order with too many items to put them into one box,  the extra service fee will be charged. It’ll be ¥500 per extra box.

For example, If an order needs 3 boxes to be shipped, the final service fee will be ¥2,000.

As a matter of fact, Return and Refund is almost impossible. Please, think twice and purchase with responsibility. 

Because TGS spends all the money from customers (except the service fee) at the retailers and post office, to refund to customers, I have to get refund from the retailers, too.

However, return and refund are not easy at all in Japan and the period of time for international shipping makes even harder to do that. If I can’t get refunded, you will be not able to get, either.

The request for return and refund will be accepted with only the packaging problem such as wrong items or damage caused by packaging. Any other reasons such as a simple disappointment or the extinction of curiosity will not be accepted.

For the case of cancelation and refund before shipping, please refer to FAQ.

TGS records every packaging work on video. 

Packaging is the only part TGS takes responsibility for. So to prevent the possible argument about packaging problem after delivery, I record every packaging work on video as a proof.