Greetings from TGS

Hello, world.

It’s nice to meet and serve you through my web site, Third Gear Store(TGS). TGS is a devision of Third Gear Productions(TGP) for e-commerce and TGP is a workshop where I make various things such as videography, photography and cover songs.

Since TGP is just like a brand representing my personal activities and the basic motivation of the activities has not been money, but fun, I have to do something else to make a living and TGS is one of them.

Via TGS, you can buy some items on their retail price in Japan. Of course you have to pay the actual shipping and Â¥1,000 of service fee to have the items in your hands, but no other hidden charge or price. It’s like you just come to a supermarket in Japan and do shopping. The shipping fee can be considered as the expense for commuting to the supermarket.

My goal is not being a next Jeff with this business but making a living with my own labor. So, I will run this business with common senses and the fairness for both you and me, not with overwhelming strategies or ideas for grabbing as much money from your pocket as I can. It’d be great if you consider TGS as a friend can buy something and send them to you from Japan.

Thank you for visiting and shopping at TGS.


June 2018

Best regards,
Founder and the only worker at Third Gear Productions
Jaewoo Ahn